Finding Your Garden of Eden


As one travels the trail of life, one begins with externalities as their actuality.  Because the passage of time reveals that internality is the trail homeward, and so they uncover in the event that they enterprise into it, one finds the wonder and style of the interior world.

As we start our life journey, we are inclined to suppose that the whole lot we see outdoors with our senses are actual and anything we do not see as an phantasm.  For that reason, since time started as we evolve, now we have been instructed of this glorious place referred to as the ‘Backyard of Eden’, the place the place the whole lot started, this place is heaven.  As it’s, we search outdoors for this heaven, this Backyard of Eden.  We go to the furthest reaches of the world in seek for this backyard, however we fail time and again to discovering such a paradise referred to as the Backyard of Eden.



We go outwards, simply as we enterprise from our dwelling solely to return later within the evening.

We look for this Backyard of Eden outdoors, however truly it’s inside, at dwelling, on a regular basis.

We have now been trying on the mistaken place, it’s all the time with us, it by no means left us, solely that we have been too blind to see and never know, as a result of our perceptions overwhelms us to imagine the exterior world is the one one there’s.


There are two worlds for this dialogue.

A world inside us that’s consistently creating and a world outdoors of us that’s the results of our creating inside, the world of the created.

A world inside and a world outdoors.

Every little thing that’s created in our world, our actuality is from our ‘thoughts’, inside.  Different then nature to which was created earlier than we, the humanity got here into being.  Apart from what nature is, the whole lot else is ‘human made’, human created.

The world inside is a world of making!

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